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OPERATIVA is a 360-strategic consulting company, which includes the elements of business development, perception, expertise in understanding the customer's environment and innovation. We provide strategic consulting and support services to government organizations and International corporations. 


Operativa has developed a methodology being unique in Israel: 360 Strategic Consulting. Instead of one narrow angle, we provide wide examination, through deep understanding of both internal and external circles of our client. Among the areas we relate to are: understanding of the regulation, the political system, the political interests, the media environment, the competitive factors, the state of the organization and its internal challenges etc. 

We meet you at your strategic crossroad and we provide you consulting services and strategic accompaniment. Among our clients:

Operativa GOV: Governmental and public organizations

Operativa BIZ: Corporations

Operativa CITY: Municipalities

Operativa TECH: Start-Ups in different stages (A round, B round)

Another service, which we provide to our clients: Crisis management. We have more than 10 years of experience in crisis management in Israel and abroad for governmental and Business entities. 

Operativa Strategy Israel
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